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This blog is dedicated to all of the maids of honor out there that have to plan a bridal shower!!      

It is that time isn’t it?  :)

Where to begin…

Five or six months before the wedding, you and the bride should sit down and narrow down a day that works the best. Showers are usually a month or two before the wedding. You are typically the one that organizes the shower however the other bridesmaids are expected to contribute as well. Don’t be afraid to delegate jobs for food, invites and decorations. Anything that can be handed off will make your job that much easier. The location where you host the party should be determined by how many people you’re inviting (sounds obvious I realize~ but when planning a party it is critical).

Some fun ideas include:

*Going posh and organizing a high tea (traditional in England and other common wealth countries)

*Having a pamper party- you can either get the girls together for a day at the spa, or have the day spa come to you. Mobile spas are becoming quite the trend, bringing the luxury of a day spa to your own home.

*Having a cook book/potluck shower- each guest fills out an index card with their favorite recipe,and brings that dish to share. By the end of the shower the bride will have a complete cook book/scrapbook from her closest friends.  

*Getting away for the weekend. For a more intimate shower, the girls can get adventurous~ and surprise the bride with a weekend getaway. You can arrange with mother of the bride to have guests meet at the location of choice- maybe it’s a location that means a lot to the bride, or maybe the location is at a fun spot central to where the bride’s family and childhood friends reside, and where she’s living now.  

A few more things~ 

*Don’t forget to encourage the bride to register at her favorite stores

*Bridal shower games are always fun, if you want to add some extra flavor… and…..

Most importantly, feel out where the bride’s at~ is she more casual, or more formal? Does she get overwhelmed with a lot of people, or does she like being surrounded by her closest friends & family members. 

You know her all too well- and what will bring a smile to her face. So don’t get so caught up in the hoop-la or what everyone else thinks a bridal shower should look like that you forget about the things that matter the most to the bride. And… HAVE FUN!! 

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