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… dun dun dun~ oh come on… it’s really not that bad.

Rather than moping, why not make the best out of it?

Introducing~ a Party within a Party~ gather around now, let me tell you more of what I mean :)

So you’ve received your friend’s wedding invitation in the mail~  and with that your RSVP card.

What exactly do you write in the “____ guests attending box” ?

Especially if it says that two seats have been reserved for you?

Think about it this way~

Let’s go back to High School Prom for a moment shall we?


While yes, it is traditional for a guy to ask a girl out as his date to prom… and for couples to go with other couples in a limousine, out to dinner etc. all in a little couple posse… leaving all the single people feeling miserable that they were not “Prom worthy”… (I realize this may be re-hashing some old wounds right now)… but hold on- there is an alternative!

These days it is not uncommon for ‘all the single ladies’, and all the single gents to get in a group… and go together as friends… not just as solo units.

Now let’s apply that to weddings…

Firstly, prior to the wedding, are there any other people that you know of that are also flying solo?  Well, gather those ducks together and make a flying V… keep it classy (and eco-friendly), and go to the wedding as singles in style… together… and of course leave together in style as well. It’s like a progressive party. Or a Party within a Party.

It will most defiantly be less awkward this way.

So… you don’t know of anyone that you can ride with, and or you didn’t have time to get people together…. and now you’re at the wedding…alone.  #awkward.  


Oftentimes, there is what’s referred to as a “singles table”… pretty self explanatory—it’s the table where all of the people who RSVP’d as “   1    guest attending” get placed.

Or, worst case scenario you’re the one that gets “#thatawkwardseatingassignment” at a table of couples… now that’s always fun :)

But hey… don’t let your seat bother you. In the end it’s not really that important. It’s all a matter of perspective.

Ask yourself these questions:

1)      Am I here to celebrate my friend/family member that is getting married?

2)      Do I want to have a good time?

3)      Do I know anyone else in attendance that is also single?

4)      What are they doing?  Where are they sitting?

Now then—even if some of the answers are no… quit moping and get yourself up out of your seat! You are a valuable person and guest at this party… and you have something to offer.

Strike up a conversation… introduce yourself to someone… or zero in on others that are also flying solo … (NOTE: they’re probably the ones that are on their cell phones, sending a text, on facebook… or standing around the hors d’oeuvres/ fondue table rather awkwardly and most likely full…) Don’t ask me how I know this.  

Make some friends… get them together… hit the dance floor… and you’d be surprised at how fast the tone of your wedding experience will change. Less awkwardness, and way more fun.

And… you never know… maybe the next wedding you attend you won’t be the one getting pulled onto the dance floor for the bouquet toss as ‘all the single ladies’ is being played… or maybe you won’t be that guy flying Nike-air style to grab the garter.

While I would not recommend making your primary goal for attending the wedding to change your relationship status on facebook… hey… it happens.

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