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Just because you’re getting married doesn’t mean you have to be a stressed out, hair pulling, catty Bridezilla. Wow, that sounds like fun. I don’t know about you, but growing up I didn’t imagine getting married being so awful. Fortunately~ it really doesn’t have to be~ 

 A wedding.. is more than just the day.. it’s forever. Why is it so common to see stressed out brides? How can we regain focus, stay calm & enjoy our day?

Here are some tips from @theCalmBride on how to stay calm. 

  • 1.  Ask for help! You have family~ you have bridesmaids~ & hey—your man may even want to take part in the planning process. What areas can you entrust to others to take care of? (Generally, it is way more fun when you plan with people). You may even want to think of getting a wedding planner to take a load off.


  • 2. Pace yourself in the planning process- Use a Calendar- whether it’s on your iPhone, via gmail, or a tangible calendar (they still exist) pencil in deadlines- but don’t be hard on yourself if for some reason you have to make changes. 

You can also check out online task list managers such as Trello to help you with this process.

  • 3. BE FLEXIBLE. Flexibility will help you to roll with the punches. Things happen, and sometimes when our expectations are set really high, we can get really let down. That’s when we start to freak out… and what good does that do anyone?


Another word for Bridezilla is = Control freak. Learn to let go~ while details are important, weigh their importance.

  • 4. Think about your color palette~ use Pinterest for inspiration and as a paperless way to compile your ideas—copy and paste the links to the websites where you found these ideas so you have them to refer back to.


  • 5. Do you have ideas that you’ve never seen before~ Get your ideas out of your head and on paper— because either a) you’ll forget them or b) your brain will malfunction due to system overload.


  • 7.  With the BIG decisions (you know- the groom, the wedding venue, your dress, the bridal party…) GO WITH YOUR GUT!! Even if that means you have to wait a little longer to get married than you originally hoped, or if you have to pay a little more than expected. It’s great to get people’s opinions but — sometimes too much input from others can just be outright confusing 

AND don’t sweat the small stuff.

  • 8.  Remember~ it’s your wedding day. You’re marrying the man you love. And people are coming to celebrate with you. Don’t get so caught up in pleasing people that you forget to take care of yourself.

You’re not responsible for everyone else. Where guests are going to stay, how they’re going to get there, what they’re going to wear or how they get along.


  • 9. Rest!  Prior to getting engaged, what leisurely activities did you love to do with your spare time? Carve out time for them in your schedule :)
  • 10. DON’T FORGET TO PRIORITIZE DATE NIGHTS/QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR  FIANCÉ —PUTTING ALL WEDDING STUFF ASIDE. In the end, your relationship is more important than wedding planning.


While yes, your wedding is a monumental occasion that deserves attention~ your wedding is ~ a day, and your marriage is ~ forever. 


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