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                                                                  by Kristen Vestal

So the big day is approaching, everything from linens to flowers are set in place. You’re fighting cold feet…The only thing missing is the father of the bride. Maybe your father can’t be there due to a divorce, death, or maybe because he simply isn’t in the picture. There are plenty of options available to you!

My first piece of advice is…don’t fill the part just to fill it. At this point many brides feel obligated to choose someone “appropriate” to fill the part. If you choose to have someone walk down the aisle with you – choose someone special. Many walk down with their husband to be, a brother, a close family friend, and others even choose a mother or grandmother.

And…also don’t be embarrassed to walk down the aisle alone. You shine bright girl! I heard about a wedding where the bride wanted to honor her deceased father so she placed a beautiful picture of them at the front of the church. I think that this is a great idea and will bring comfort to all who love and miss him. Lastly, I would recommend that the person that walks you down the aisle give a speech and in it honor your dad’s life!  

No matter what your circumstance, or your decision, remember that you’re walking down to aisle to the man you’re going to spend the rest of your life with. So take a deep breath- and glide down that aisle like the princess you are! 

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