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Once you give your blessing—- the next question is—- What now??

What exactly is your role in the wedding planning process??

Are you just supposed to help pay the bills???


Traditionally, it is the bride’s parents that pay for the wedding, and the grooms parents who pay for the dress rehearsal dinner & the honeymoon. But boy oh boy have times changed : ) While it is still expected that the father of the bride help pay for the wedding, now and days the bride and groom are paying a significant chunk as well. So, you can take a breather.

While every father wants the best for his little girl, one key thing for fathers to talk about with their daughters is the wedding BUDGET!

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But more often than not, that look that you get from your daughter when you know she really wants something… still get’s you every time~

Remember this classic scene from Father of the Bride


Annie: What? What’s that face? 
George: It’s nothing. 
Annie: Oh, this is going cost you more money. 
George: No. It’s just… I know I’ll remember this moment, for the rest of my life. 

Dads while you can be involved as much as you want —or sometimes allowed :)— more than anything your daughter needs your moral support. Someone’s got to keep their calm during this process, and more often than not- it’s you. 

It’s true… your daughter’s wedding day is a special moment and is meant to be embraced…

When that day arrives your nerves may heighten as you see friends and family arrive from all over. There is nothing wrong with getting a little teary eyed… you know, as you take her arm and walk her down the isle, or as you wisp her away for your father daughter dance.

And lastly, you get to stand before your friends and family, with that speech in your hand, or written on your heart— as you proudly boast about your baby being all grown up, with a new man in her life.


                                                        Pic Credits: Stuart Miles, Vichie81

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